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Wireless Internet Terminology

Wireless net Terminology, like many stuff in lifestyles, particularly people who have anything to do with computer systems is full of terminology. however like most matters, when you analyze a few of the simple terms, expertise will come speedy. So do not be harassed get knowledgeable and to assist make clear, i’ve put together a fundamental wi-fi “internet-to-english” manual to help you along.

IEEE – The Institute of electrical and Electronics Engineers
The IEEE is in charge of the wi-fi networking trendy, as well as many other computer-associated requirements – consisting of the Ethernet fashionable. They ensure that laptop equipment made with the aid of special manufacturers can work together.

PCMCIA – non-public laptop memory Card worldwide affiliation
simply every other fashionable for how to plug credit score card length devices into a computer laptop to enhance it is capabilities. it’s been counseled by some that it need to stand for “humans cannot Memorize laptop enterprise Acronyms”. PCMCIA is a brilliant manner of adding wireless networking to your laptop as easily as placing a disk.

PCI – Peripheral factor Interconnect
Used to install devices like pix cards and community gadgets inside your pc. you would be the use of a PCI, if you wanted to put in a wireless card inner your computer.

Set by using the IEEE, it’s the modern-day wi-fi networking wellknown. It allows make certain that wireless gadgets can speak with one another or in other words – they may be interoperable.

truely approach that two distinct pieces of gadget have the ability to speak to every other or another manner to put it – they may be well suited. they can use them together due to the fact they have been designed the usage of the same requirements. due to the IEEE and the principle of interoperability, all wireless system you buy must be well suited.

Wireless Driver


No longer a piece of clubs however computer software program that informs a computer how to speak to gadgets that plug into it. most wi-fi networking drivers come on a CD-ROM. then you definately download the drivers from the CD onto your laptop.

presently, the maximum common manner of connecting to a LAN or neighborhood location community. most wires connected for your pc these days are ethernet and if you have a cable net connection an ethernet cord is in all probably-hood, what’s being used to connect with your modem.

USB – general Serial Bus
A port used for connecting all types of devices to a laptop, inclusive of keyboards, a mouse, printers, Message technology outside hard-drives and basically something else you may think of. if you do not have a computer or need to open up your laptop you may get a USB wi-fi device.

WEP – stressed equal privacy
not used because in 2001 it was discovered to have security issues. As a end result, it’s far now the vintage standard for encrypting wireless networks.

WPA – WiFi included get right of entry to
the new fashionable for encrypting wireless networks. An upgrade of WEP to restore protection troubles. To keep away from turning into prone, a WPA encrypted network adjustments encryption techniques regularly. similarly, if an attack is detected, it has the potential to shut itself down for thirty seconds.

PAN – personal area network
A community of gadgets connected collectively in a single small place. A simple example of a PAN could be your pc, USB keyboard and mouse. using a generation known as Bluetooth, a PAN can be wireless.

LAN – local location community
briefly noted above, LAN is a laptop network that… normally talking is limited to 1 building, inclusive of a domestic or office. A wireless LAN is also called a WLAN.

man – Metropolitan region community
A community that covers a larger area, like a city or metropolis. they are pricey however a wi-fi man has the ability to spread net access across a huge region. Many college universities set-up a man to attach the whole campus.

WAN – extensive region community
A community that covers or connects to a couple of physical site. A easy example could be a enterprise that has locations in one-of-a-kind cities, states or international locations and they need them each location linked at the identical community. The net itself is a WAN… the largest WAN in the international.

Mbps – Megabits consistent with 2d
no longer to be careworn with MBps, megabytes per second. Mbps is measurement of connection speed. There are eight megabits in a megabyte.

GHz – Gigahertz
One gigahertz is one billion cycles in step with 2nd… it is a measurement of frequency. If the time period sounds familiar it’s probable due to the fact it is also used to measure the processing speed of the CPU for your computer, which is likewise measured in gigahertz.

A famous and growing opportunity operating machine to windows. Linux is a less cumbersome, greater efficient operating machine in lots of approaches than home windows and no longer to say – it’s loose. Many servers run Linux because of this. computer systems walking Linux can run many applications and connect to the internet without needing windows. Many wi-fi devices run Linux or are well matched with it.