When hybrid multicloud has technical advantages

Ask someone who has spent a big part of their career in IT operations managing data centers, and you’ll hear plenty of reasons why and where private clouds have advantages over public clouds. They’ll mention reliability, scalability, and security reasons and argue they can meet higher standards by having control in selecting, deploying, and managing the infrastructure.

Now ask a CIO, and they’ll have other reasons for considering private clouds and a hybrid multicloud architecture. They’ll provide rationales around the variability in public cloud costs, the need to support legacy systems for an extended period, and the realities of long-term data center contracts. Many enterprise CIOs have stronger practices in managing data centers than public cloud architectures and want to avoid becoming locked into any public cloud vendor.

Big companies can’t turn their ships fast enough, and the CIO must consider setting priorities — based on business impact and time to value — for application modernization. As Keith Townsend, co-founder of The CTO Advisor, put it on Twitter, “Will moving all of my Oracle apps to Amazon RDS net business value vs. using that talent to create new apps for different business initiatives? The problem is today, these are the same resources.”

Then ask software developers, and you’ll find many prefer building applications that deploy to public clouds, and that leverage serverless architectures. They can automate application deployment with CI/CD, configure the infrastructure with IaC, and leave the low-level infrastructure support to the public cloud vendor and other cloud-native managed service providers.

And will your organization be able to standardize on a single public cloud? Probably not. Acquisitions may bring in different public clouds than your standards, and many commercial applications run only on specific public clouds. Chances are, your organization is going to be multicloud even if it tries hard to avoid it. 

In the discussion below, we’ll examine a number of scenarios in which a hybrid cloud architecture offers technical advantages over private cloud only or multiple public clouds. 

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