Thanks, I hate the new Google Docs sharing menu

I’m gonna say this loud and proud: the new Google Docs sharing menu is absolute wank.

Yes, I know lots of people are gonna read the headline and say things like “who gives a shit?” and “grow up” and “who the fuck are you?” but they can do what they want. I’m on a mission. Nay, quest. The new Google Docs sharing menu is my One Ring and this article the Mount Doom I must cast it in.

Don’t think too hard about that metaphor.

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At this point, I should probably actually tell you about the new Google Docs sharing function. Back in thee goode olden dayes — let’s say about two weeks ago — sharing a Google Doc was simple. One could almost say transcendentally so.

With a simple, everyday click you could create a link that people in or outside your domain could view, comment on, or edit. Hallowed times.

To refresh, have a look at this:

google docs sharing old interface

And — if you’ve lucky and pray to the Big Dog — you might still have this menu.

According a Google blog, the release date of this new feature stretches from April 28 (for Rapid Release domains) to June 10 (when the final Scheduled Release domains will get the menu).

What I’m saying here is, if you do still have the OG menu, enjoy it while you can, punk.

Oh — you want to see what awaits you with new Google Docs sharing function? Don’t ever say I’m not here for you:

new google docs sharing function