Shared Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting

One of the many things to consider when purchasing a web hosting package is whether to go with a “shared” web hosting plan or a “dedicated” web hosting plan.

A shared web hosting service is exactly what – you are sharing the web server with many other users who also host their websites on the same web server. While shared web hosting is a very common, cost-effective way of hosting a website, it is most suitable for small businesses and personal website hosting. Since shared web hosting users rely on the same web hosting resources as 1000’s of other users, web applications and large companies usually need to go with a dedicated hosting option.

First and foremost let us go into a shared plan. The main highlight of the plan is its price. As you are sharing the hosted resources as well as the running costs incurred with hundreds of other websites it brings down your monthly rental fee. This, in turn, makes it affordable. Because of high competition in this niche, you can get good bargains in terms of web space and bandwidth.

Dedicated server hosting, is when you pay to have your web server that hosts only your websites, emails, and other web services. Dedicated web hosting is usually more expensive, but has many advantages over shared hosting. Since you are not sharing your web server with any other websites, your web server is typically able to handle much more load than shared hosting servers. This is a much more stable option that ensures that your website and other web services run at their best potential. Dedicated hosting is also usually more customizable.

Moving on to a dedicated host plan, the main advantage of using a dedicated host plan is that you get to control what is uploaded into your server entirely as you do not have to share the resources with hundreds of other websites. This means you can have all the web resources at your disposal. This plan is ideal for high traffic websites. As dedicated web hosts usually offer unlimited bandwidth, it is a better choice if your website attracts heavy traffics.

Dedicated servers would not have the risk of being blocked by search engines as shared servers do. This is because dedicated servers have their unique Internet Protocol or IP addresses. The shared server, on the other hand, has to share its IP addresses among all the other websites in it. Therefore if one of the websites is carrying out illegal activities such spamming and so on the entire server will get blacklisted and so your website will be blocked or listed as ‘high risk’ site.

Each of these types of web hosting services is suitable for different web hosting requirements, so you must choose the right one so that you don’t need to make big changes down the road.