Save hundreds on Microsoft Excel training that will really make a difference

TLDR: The courses in the 2020 Ultimate Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle break down Excel for users new and old, all for just $49.99.

It’s easy to take Microsoft Excel for granted. With a history stretching back to the go-go 80’s, it’s been a fundamental part of the computing landscape as long as most of us have been alive. Yet it’s still not only around, it’s still the beating heart of any data organization project. 

And while other more specialized apps have come along in its wake, Excel remains a cornerstone of data science and a key tool that any business student, data analyst or organization freak really needs to know.

From absolute beginners to more experienced users who need a few tips here and there, The 2020 Ultimate Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle ($49.99, over 90 percent off) explores every inch of this venerable app.

Across 10 courses featuring more than 40 hours of training, this package takes students from introductory terms, controls and concepts all the way up to some of Excel’s highest functions used by the most hardcore stat nerds.

Newbies will get a firm grasp on how to build their own spreadsheets from scratch and actually understand how they work as well as create formulas from the very simple to the ultra-complex to take full advantage of all of Excel’s built-in number-crunching power.

From that base, students use their knowledge to start building fully-functional databases, construct macros to help automate Excel input and organization, and even start using Excel’s advanced data modeling and business intelligence tools to not only extract valuable nuggets from your data, but also understand what they mean.

The courses here have generated more than 100,000 positive reviews from former students, which should tell you plenty about their effectiveness in getting you ready to understand, use and explore data analysis with Microsoft Excel.

Each course in this collection retails for at least $49 (with some valued up to $499), so scoring this complete set of Excel training now for hundreds off the regular price, only $49.99, is the major resume booster you can use to get ahead.

Prices are subject to change.

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