Plot in R with echarts4r

Whereas I’m largely settled on ggplot2 for static plots, I’m all the time looking out for tactics to make interactive visualizations. echarts4r is one in all my new favourite packages for this. It’s intuitive, highly effective, and versatile.

The echarts4r bundle is an R wrapper for the echarts JavaScript library, an official Apache Software program Basis venture (it graduated from incubator standing in December). That helps me really feel assured I can depend on the JavaScript code underlying the R bundle.

So let’s check out echarts4r.

Bundle creator John Coene explains the fundamentals in a getting began web page:

  • Each operate within the bundle begins with e_.
  • You begin coding a visualization by creating an echarts object with the e_charts() operate. That takes your knowledge body and x-axis column as arguments.
  • Subsequent, you add a operate for the kind of chart (e_line(), e_bar(), and many others.) with the y-axis collection column identify as an argument.
  • The remaining is usually customization!

Let’s have a look.

Line charts with echarts4r

For instance knowledge, I downloaded and wrangled some housing worth information by US metropolis from Zillow. If you wish to comply with alongside, knowledge directions are on the finish of this text.

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