Google passkeys are a no-brainer. You’ve turned them on, right?

Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson | Getty Images)

By now, you’ve likely heard that passwordless Google accounts have finally arrived. The replacement for passwords is known as “passkeys.”

There are many misconceptions about passkeys, both in terms of their usability and the security and privacy benefits they offer compared with current authentication methods. That’s not surprising, given that passwords have

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UK competition watchdog launches review of AI market

Enlarge (credit: Sean Gladwell via Getty)

The UK competition watchdog is launching a review of the artificial intelligence market, including the models behind popular chatbots such as ChatGPT, as the industry comes increasingly into global regulators’ crosshairs.

Sarah Cardell, chief executive of the UK Competition and Markets Authority, said the watchdog would examine so-called foundation models—such as the software underlying

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AI-generated beer commercial contains joyful monstrosities, goes viral

Enlarge / A still image from “Synthetic Summer,” an AI-generated beer commercial. (credit:

While many fear a future where AI-generated media becomes indistinguishable from traditional media, destroying society and/or civilization in the process, we aren’t quite there yet. Exhibit A comes in the form of a surreal AI-generated beer commercial that went viral over the weekend.

Titled “Synthetic

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Report: Microsoft plans privacy-first ChatGPT for businesses with secrets to keep

Enlarge (credit: Drew Angerer | Getty Images)

Microsoft is planning to offer a privacy-focused version of the ChatGPT chatbot to banks, health care providers, and other large organizations concerned about data leaks and regulatory compliance, according to a report from The Information.

The product, which could be announced “later this quarter,” would run ChatGPT on dedicated servers, separate

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IBM plans to replace 7,800 jobs with AI, pauses hiring certain positions

Enlarge / The IBM logo in front of an AI-generated background. (credit: IBM / Midjourney)

IBM Chief Executive Officer Arvind Krishna has revealed plans to halt hiring for about 7,800 positions that could be replaced by artificial intelligence systems in the near future, according to a Bloomberg news report published Monday.

Krishna said that hiring in back-office functions like human

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