Lucy Spacecraft preps for its journey to the Trojan Asteroids of Jupiter

On 30 July, an Air Drive C-17 cargo airplane touched down on a runway at NASA’s Kennedy Area Heart in Florida. A large transport container was rolled off the craft. The valuable cargo inside, revealed in an Astrotech cleanroom, was examined, and cleared by inspectors.

The Lucy spacecraft had arrived safely on the area middle, readying for its upcoming historic mission. This automobile, designed by the Southwest Analysis Institute, would be the first to go to the Trojan asteroids which accompany Jupiter on its orbit across the Solar.

If the whole lot goes in line with plan, an Atlas V 401 rocket will elevate the Lucy spacecraft into area, someday between 16 October and eight November.

Lucy, Lucy, Lucy…

Lucy (the spacecraft) was named in honor of Lucy, an early hominid present in Ethiopia in 1974. Lucy (the early hominid) was, in flip, named after the Beatles tune, Lucy within the Sky with Diamonds.