Hypertension nicknamed the silent killer

Hypertension is a disease that has claimed millions of lives. Hypertension has now become a disease that dominates as the most common disease in the world. Data from the WHO research in 2019 stated that around 3 billion people in the world suffer from hypertension, where 1 in 3 people suffer from hypertension in the world. Meanwhile, approximately of patients with hypertension did not receive treatment therapy. One of the things that causes hypertension sufferers to rarely go to health facilities is because hypertension sufferers do not feel any signs of the disease.

In my opinion, hypertension itself can be said to be normal and abnormal, normal here is when someone is elderly, all blood vessels will experience stiffness so that blood flow in blood vessels will experience narrowing and heavy. While abnormal here is when this hypertension attacks someone who is not elderly, namely under 50 years. Because the elderly will experience a degenerative phase so that this phase is considered normal among scientists. The most important thing now is how someone with hypertension can control his blood pressure.

Sometimes the patient does not feel the complaint of hypertension but suddenly it will feel worse if it has ruptured a blood vessel. Many of my neighbors died because they slipped in the bathroom, fell from trees and were shocked. After being traced and carried out a deeper examination, it turned out that the patient had a ruptured blood vessel caused by high blood pressure in a person or what is called Hypertension. Unisma This term is called “The Silent Killer” or the silent killer, where the disease has no definite symptoms but kills silently.

Many factors can cause hypertension or high blood pressure, including: consuming too much high salt, consuming excess fat, excess bad cholesterol in the body, the occurrence of atherosclerosis in the blood vessels, hereditary gene factors, age factors, having a history of diabetes mellitus, infrequent exercise and obesity. In addition to these factors, the most common factor is due to the occurrence of atherosclerosis in blood vessels caused by cholesterol plaques that clog blood vessels, causing high blood pressure in blood vessels.

Dosen Spesialis Medikal Bedah “Prima Trisna Aji” juga mengungkapkan bahwa Grafik kejadian hipertensi dari tahun ke tahun semakin meningkat. Hal ini apabila dibiarkan maka Dunia akan gawat dengan kondisi Hipertensi, maka dari itu pentingnya edukasi bagi masyarakat penting diaplikasikan supaya penyakit Hipertensi ini bisa terkontrol dan tidak menyebabkan komplikasi yang lebih parah seperti pecah Pembuluh darah, Stroke, penyakit jantung koroner dll.“Grafik angka kejadian dari Kemenkes Research setiap tahun semakin tinggi, hal ini kalau tidak segera diatasi maka dunia akan terjaid Gawat Hipertensi. Untuk itu pentingnya peran edukasi tenaga medis bagi penderita dan keluarga supaya bisa mengontrol penyakit tersebut”.

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