How IT priorities are shifting during the COVID-19 crisis

COVID-19 has disrupted every business around the globe. IT professionals are under immense pressure to continue overseeing infrastructure, applications, and security in this new normal, where most employees are working from home and services are being accessed exclusively online. As a result, businesses are accelerating their digital transformation initiatives and turning to real-time data to make smarter decisions.

COVID-19 related IT priority shifts create new technical challenges

Today’s IT departments are facing a number of challenges—from supporting remote workers to managing networks and applications. A whopping 95% of businesses have changed their tech priorities, placing more focus (88%) on improving the digital customer experience.

The findings come from the Agents of Transformation Report, published by AppDynamics, a part of Cisco that provides application performance management (APM) solutions. AppDynamics surveyed IT professionals around the world, including board-level directors, CIOs, and senior to mid-level IT management from various industries.

Digital projects are being done faster than pre-COVID

Due to the pandemic, 66% of businesses uncovered weaknesses in their digital strategies and have since accelerated their initiatives. For 71% of respondents, digital transformation projects were implemented within weeks during COVID-19, compared to months or years under normal circumstances. AppDynamics isn’t the only company make that observation. Earlier this year, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that the company had seen two years of digital transformation in the first two months of their quarter.

This makes sense as digital initiatives create new ways of working and dealing with customers. For example, most retailers are only able to have customers receive merchandise via curbside pickup. This makes the online ordering systems and mobile applications critical to capturing the dollars that customers are spending. The better the apps, and the more digital channels can be used, the more successful a retailer will be.

Digital projects focus on customer experience and employee productivity but resources are lacking

A number of digital initiatives focus on creating new ways of working. This has become increasingly important in the current pandemic era as workers are having to take on bigger workloads. The majority of IT professionals (81%) said COVID-19 put significant technology strain on their business, with 61% feeling more pressure at work than ever. Almost two thirds (64%) of the respondents found themselves performing tasks they had never done before.

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