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How Choose The Best VGA in 2022

One of the hardware that must be present in a gaming PC is a graphics card or VGA, ranging from light, middle, to the highest class. Well, besides the processor, VGAs is one of the most expensive devices in a gaming PC assembly. That’s why, there are many people who make VGA as the first choice in determining the budget to build a quality PC.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths out there. In fact, not infrequently, these myths can prevent us from choosing a VGAs device according to the funds we have.

1. Pay attention VGA cooling system.

Actually, noise or silence in a VGA cooling system does not affect the performance of the VGAs itself. At least, on the market there are two types of VGAs cooling systems that are commonly sold. First, there is a VGAs device with an open air cooler. Second, there is VGAs by using a blower cooler.

The blower cooler is definitely noisier because of its working mechanism that sucks in air and blows it out from behind. That’s why, this VGA model is more suitable for small and compact PCs. Unlike the open air method, VGAs will suck air from above and throw it to various sides. This of course will oblige us to put the open air  in a container that is quite loose.

Graphics cards with an open cooler or open air will indeed be quieter. However, the sound from the cooling fan is not a benchmark to measure how great the performance of a VGA is. In fact, in fact, there are many types of open air VGAs that have good quality at very expensive prices.

2. Choose the highest memory bus number.

In general, the memory bus on VGA can be interpreted as a unit of data width that can be carried in one process. Usually, has a memory bus of 64, 128, 192, 256, and 384 using bit units. If you don’t pay attention to other specifications, the high number of memory bus number does reflect the performance of a VGAs.

However, it should be remembered, the memory VGA bus will actually be eliminated when we look at other specifications, such as year of manufacture, type of GDDR, amount of VRAM, support for the latest Direct-X, and so on. The CG Director on his website explains that the level and type of GDDR actually affects the overall performance of a VGAs more.

For example, VGA type A has specifications of 4 GB, 256-bit, and GDDR3. Then, VGA type B has 4 GB, 128-bit, and GDDR5 specifications. Which one is superior? Although VGA type B does not have a memory bus as high as VGA type A, it has implemented GDDR5 technology so that its performance will be many times better. So, once again, the memory bus is not the main benchmark in measuring the ability of a gaming VGAs.

3. Choose the largest VGA memory capacity.


In general, the higher the GDDR level, the better the performance of a VGA. However, of course it remains to be seen with other specifications. In the market, GDDR6 is still the highest type of memory capacity. In fact, GDDR5 is still the best-selling product because it is still very capable of running many AAA games which are classified as heavy.

Meanwhile, GDDR7 as the latest and most advanced series is planned to be marketed as soon as possible through the NVIDIA RTX 4080 and 4090 VGA, as reported by PC Games. However, some parties are still quite doubtful about the release of GDDR7 for a gaming VGAs. The reason is, with GDDR6 alone, VGAs is now able to bulldoze all heavyweight games without the slightest obstacle.

So, in conclusion, don’t look at VRAM memory as the main benchmark. You also have to look at the type of GDDR. Yes, VGA type GDDR5 or GDDR6 will obviously be better than VGA with GDDR3 even though the amount of VRAM memory is quite lame. It also remains to be seen again the clock and chip architecture.

4. Price determines quality.

Expensive VGA is usually good, but a good  is not necessarily expensive. If you have a high budget, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a  that costs tens of millions . However, to enjoy heavy games with medium and high settings, you can still choose a mid-range VGAs whose price is quite reasonable.

Well, especially if you only play light games, the onboard VGA type can still be an option. From 2021 to 2022, the price of PC devices has indeed experienced a significant increase. Starting from the processor, VGA, RAM, motherboard, to the power supply, the price has crept up in the global market.

So, the very first thing you should do is set a budget to build a PC. Don’t just rely on high-priced VGA which in the end risk being redundant. Always adjust your needs and interests so that you can think clearly in choosing the hardware to be purchased.