GM adds electric van to its upcoming EV fleet in a bid to rival Tesla

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Photo by Steve Fecht for General Motors – Edited

Cars and vans are all slowly shifting to electric power as governments around the world tighten emissions regulations. I know it, you know it, and General Motors knows it too.

In an exclusive interview with Reuters, employees from the US car making titan revealed that the company is working on a whole host of electric vehicles — at least 20 of them — for release over the next three years.

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The lineup also reportedly includes a commercial vehicle platform, a van in other words, that is set to rival the EV delivery wagon that Rivian is working on for Amazon. Reuters reports that this van could also be an attempt to preempt a secretive project from EV stalwarts Tesla. Although, no one at GM specifically confirmed this to reporters.

Suppliers to GM said that commercial vehicles are some of the most profitable product lines and, as such, well-known automakers don’t want to “leave the door open for Tesla.”

The van, codenamed BV1, will go into production in the latter half of 2021, according to the sources. The commercial vehicle will reportedly be based on GM‘s Ultium electric vehicle “skateboard.”

Credit: (Photo by Steve Fecht for General Motors)