E-scooters are just as safe as cycling, but that’s not saying much

A study just released by an intergovernmental group has found that using an e-scooter is no more dangerous than cycling.

The study, from intergovernmental organization the International Transportation Forum (ITF), says fears over e-scooter safety “have been exaggerated.” What’s more, the ITF says that if alternative forms of transport like bikes and e-scooters get people out of cars it will make the roads safer further still.

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Figures cited by the ITF suggest most (80%) fatal e-scooter and bicycle crashes involve a motor vehicle (car or motorbike) too. A trip by car or motorbike is more likely to result in the death of a road user than if you traveled by ebike or on an e-scooter that’s restricted to a maximum speed of 15.5 mph (25 kph).

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Credit: Dott – Facebook