Cloud adoption in a post-COVID world

I drew some big lines in the sand by predicting that the pandemic would cause a run on cloud computing. The pandemic quickly proved that companies leveraging more public cloud resources than their competitors and peers have much less exposure to risk than those that do not. Priorities soon shifted to cloud migration on the fastest path possible. The result is a pandemic run on cloud migration tools, experienced cloud pros, cloud consulting, and public clouds themselves. 

Most of us didn’t believe the experts’ predictions that pandemic quarantines and restrictions could linger until the end of summer, with another spike during flu season in the fall. It’s now October, the start of flu season. Cases are spiking to record levels. Pandemic restrictions are still in place in many states. I don’t need a crystal ball to predict that the current run on cloud will continue until the end of the pandemic. 

The good news is that the pandemic will end, whether by an effective vaccine, improved treatments, better disease management, or a combination of all three. If progress continues as forecast, the COVID-19 pandemic could be contained worldwide by next summer. Even without a vaccine or the scientific advances available to today’s research teams, the pandemic of 1918 ended after 26 months. We may never return to the old normal, but, one way or another, this virus will eventually run its course.

Now, what does postpandemic cloud computing look like? 

First, for most enterprises, a reduction in momentum appears unlikely. However, priorities will shift. Today’s focus is on the low-hanging fruit to achieve migration at speed. Eventually we’ll run out of easily migrated workloads.

Once the number of applications migrated slows down, the complexity and value of those workloads will increase. That means we’ll need at least the same amount of resources to refactor more complex applications to run correctly on cloud platforms. The focus will move from lift and shift at speed to application modifications and modernizations that take advantage of the native features of the target public clouds. 

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