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EV fans deplete Dutch gov’s €10M electric vehicle grant in just 8 days

In just eight days, the Dutch have managed to use up 10 million ($11.3M USD) worth of subsidies to support the purchase of new electric vehicles, Dutch outlet NOS reported earlier today.

In the Netherlands, buyers of new electric vehicles can register to receive a 4,000 ($4,400 USD) subsidy to put towards the purchase of the vehicle. But now, all those that register for the free money will have to wait until next year, when the next budget is announced.

The subsidy was announced back in February but came into effect on July 1.

While it took eight

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Call of Duty glitch lets Warzone tricksters gain unfair advantage

The WarzoneCall of Duty: Modern Warfare‘s battle royale mode — shenanigans never seem to end.

Warzone players have unearthed a new glitch to exploit in order to dunk on the poor bastards who dare to deploy in their vicinity.

Before the start of each game, players get spawned in a one-minute warm-up as the lobby fills up. It’s a good chance for anyone to practice their shooting without fear of dying, get familiar with the fictitious city of Verdansk where combat takes place, and try out some custom weapons they might not otherwise put in their main

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How to quickly turn on Night Shift on iOS (and reduce that gnarly blue light)

Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, guides, and advice on how to easily get the most out of your gadgets, apps, and other stuff.

I’m not a Night Shift fan per se. I don’t like it when my iPhone or iPad screen becomes orange-tinted on a schedule. If I’m still up in front of the TV at midnight on a Tuesday, I’d rather not my expensive device look as though it was dunked in Orangina.

But… there does come a time when I’m using my device in bed (I know, awful habit) and I’d rather some of that

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New AI project captures Jane Austen’s thoughts on social media

Have you ever wanted to pick the brains of Sir Isaac Newton, Mary Shelley, or Benjamin Franklin? Well now you can (kinda), thanks to a new experiment by magician and novelist Andrew Mayne.

The project — called AI|Writer — uses OpenAI’s new text generator API to create simulated conversations with virtual historical figures. The system first works out the purpose of the message and the intended recipient by searching for patterns in the text. It then uses the API‘s internal knowledge of that person to guess how they would respond in their written voice.

The digitized characters can answer questions

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Paper receipts are choking the planet. With Foreceipt, you can ditch ‘em once and for all

TLDR: Foreceipt Receipt Tracker eliminates the need for paper receipts, handling all your expense report and tax-filing receipt work automatically.

The world is moving away from paper receipts. And while that’s good news, the bad news is that that transition isn’t happening fast enough. We already know 90 percent of those inconvenient printed receipts don’t usually find their way into someone’s records — they actually just get sorted into the circular file.

Of course, that’s more than just a waste of time and effort. Paper receipts make up 1.5 billion pounds of environmental waste every year. That’s 10

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Celebrate the Fourth with seven fantastic electronics offers to outfit your home

TLDR: These seven electronics offers in celebration of the Fourth shave up to $130 off your purchase price.

It’s July 4th — and if ever there was a year to celebrate a calendar reaching the halfway mark, it’s 2020. 

But despite all of our problems, the world spins madly on and everyday life still demands action. From your job to your home office to just sitting around trying to listen to music or even just be comfortable, there are tech upgrades screaming your name — even now.

Since TNW Deals is only here to help, check out these seven electronics

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