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What is a Private Cloud?

Running a business in the digital era like today, of course, must always strive to be able to run with digitalization because if not, it will certainly be left behind from other competitors. In this era of digitalization, data plays a very important role. For that, data storage must be a top priority in running a business. The method of storing data before and now is of course much different. What’s more since the introduction of the cloud system.

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Securing Telemedicine: Present and Future Risks

Telemedicine is the use of medical information that is exchanged from one place to another using electronic communication to improve the patient’s health status. Some of the benefits of telemedicine are convenience, lower costs, improved health access, and reduced risk of exposure to disease infections. But on the other hand, the challenge is that not all telemedicine services are supported by insurance, high-speed Internet speed, necessary software, and hardware, and reduce the risk of exposure to disease and infection. If you want high connection speeds and you can avoid cyber-attacks, then SD-WAN solutions from Teldat is the solution.

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Here is how companies control and guard their data

In a world where everything is almost guided by analytics, data is important and useful, especially when it comes to sales and marketing. Generation Y hackers are seldom interested in hacking your bank account because data is precious too. Do you remember Yahoo’s epic, a historic data breach in 2013 that involved nearly 3 billion people? Well, at least you now understand how data is of importance. That is why experts advise you to erase any obsolete data from your storage servers because you don’t know when hackers may lock you out and demand ransom! Getting an arsenal Data Erasure Read More

How to move data science into production

Deploying data science into production is still a big challenge. Not only does the deployed data science need to be updated frequently but available data sources and types change rapidly, as do the methods available for their analysis. This continuous growth of possibilities makes it very limiting to rely on carefully designed and agreed-upon standards or work solely within the framework of proprietary tools.

KNIME has always focused on delivering an open platform, integrating the latest data science developments by either adding our own extensions or providing wrappers around new data sources and tools. This allows data scientists to access

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Gatsby JS stands on the shoulders of thousands

Many years ago Linux founder Linus Torvalds borrowed Sir Isaac Newton’s “standing on the shoulders of giants” phrase when discussing his open source work with Linux. While it’s a nice sentiment — “Hey, I’ve only been able to do great work because of a few others’ great work” — that may have applied to Linux in 1991, it doesn’t do a good job of describing open source in 2020. When someone releases open source code today, after all, they’re drawing on much more than a tiny set of genius developers.

No, as the latest release of Gatsby.js shows, modern open

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How to value cloud-based open source software services

The public cloud and open source software are pretty much coupled these days. No matter if you’re running Kubernetes as a service, MySQL, Linux, or that open source text editor you’ve used since college, it’s all there for the taking, as a service.

However, it’s really not free. Cloud providers charge for usage, either by time or other resource-units consumed. Indeed, it’s half or more of the cloud computing bills I’ve seen recently.

Some enterprises have not yet used open source on premises, not to mention cloud. Now that they are moving to the public cloud, both developers and infrastructure

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