Should you care about quantum computing?

You can google any number of confusing definitions of quantum computing. Simply put, quantum computers are machines that leverage the attributes of quantum physics to store data and perform computations. Clear as mud.

The best way to understand the value of quantum computing—or lack thereof—is to understand the use case. Quantum computing can be advantageous for certain tasks where it can vastly outperform even supercomputers. It is typically associated with the following use cases: cybersecurity, pharmaceutical development, financial modeling, improving batteries, cleaner fertilizer, traffic optimization, weather forecasting, climate change, artificial intelligence, solar capture, and electronic materials discovery.

Traditional computing

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You’re doing cloud-based AI and machine learning wrong

Rackspace Technology just announced the results of a global survey that reveals that the majority of organizations lack the internal resources to support critical AI and machine learning initiatives. Indeed, 34{6fe526db6ef7b559514f2f4990546fdf37a35b93c5ba9b68aa72eaf397bd16d6} of respondents reported artificial intelligence projects that failed.

The larger issue is the misapplication of AI and ML for applications where these particular technologies are contraindicated. This has been a problem since the advent of neural networks and AI, which is much longer than you think.

AI on public clouds is just too easy and cheap not to leverage, so it’s being used with business applications where the process

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Microsoft Azure Quantum opens for public preview

Microsoft’s Azure Quantum, a public cloud ecosystem for building quantum computing applications, is now available for use in a public preview phase.

Launched February 1, the Azure Quantum cloud service is available for a free trial. Developers, integrators, researchers, and others can use the platform to build solutions leveraging Microsoft and partner tools in a trusted public cloud. Users can access a network of quantum researchers and developers, a resource library, and self-service or tailored development programs.

A key component of the platform is Microsoft’s open source Quantum Development Kit with the Q# language for quantum programming. Microsoft’s

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Why Andy Jassy was picked to fill Jeff Bezos’s big shoes at Amazon

It was the news that shook the technology world: The founder and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, was to start his transition away from the day-to-day running of the company and hand the reins to Andy Jassy in October 2021.

Jassy’s long history at Amazon

andrew jassy Amazon

Andy Jassy, newly appointed CEO of Amazon

An Amazon guy through and through, Jassy is a nontechnical but detailed and highly competitive executive, seldom resisting a jab at his leading competitors—especially Oracle founder Larry Ellison. Within Amazon, he has been widely known to have almost complete autonomy over Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud

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InfoWorld’s 2021 Technology of the Year Award winners

InfoWorld’s 2021 Technology of the Year Awards

Image by IDG

What a long strange year it’s been. We barely got started on 2020 before the offices closed and we all learned a new acronym, WFH. We also learned that, freed of the daily commute and cut off from the office Kegerator, software developers worked even longer hours. Technology marched on—and we’re here to celebrate it.

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InfoWorld Technology of the Year Awards promotional information

Congratulations! To help you promote your win, InfoWorld has supplied the following PR information and usage guidelines.

Note that companies named as an InfoWorld Technology of the Year Award winner may be referenced in press outreach to publicize the awards and InfoWorld’s content about the awards. InfoWorld will not disclose proprietary corporate information, but it may highlight information included by your organization in the original InfoWorld Technology of the Year Awards content.

If you would like a physical award, or print or electronic reprints, you can place an order through the YGS Group via phone at (800) 290-5460 x129 or

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