Black Friday retailers must be effective, ready, and resilient

An unprecedented Black Friday is coming. Will consumers run masklessly back into stores and clean out the shelves? Only if you have a sale on Clorox toilet wand refills. Will they swarm your app or website? Maybe. 

As one data scientist put it, “All predictions are wrong. Some are lucky.”

Some retailers will likely continue to see diminished demand even on Black Friday—such as those specializing in men’s slacks. Most retailers have already seen their traffic move online. For this Black Friday, they need to be effective, ready, resilient, and cost-effective.

Effectiveness is the conversion rate of visitors to buyers. Ready is measured by throughput and latency, even when lots of traffic comes at once. Resilient is handling whatever 2020 throws at it. Finally, in the cloud era, cost-effectiveness is eating the world. (I felt that eye roll.)

Effective front page

The front page needs to sell to be effective. Any website analytics will tell you the most visited page is the homepage. Analytics will also tell you the homepage has the highest bounce rate. For the front page to be useful, its content needs to be informed by context.

Return customers hitting your front page are usually the easiest to convert. They did not come to your site through a pay-per-click ad, a search, or a referral. They came directly to your site because they know you. When they arrive at the homepage, it should not be just any promotion or set of items. It should be offers tailored specifically for that customer.

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