AWS re:Invent: AWS gets more hybrid, but not multicloud

Amazon Web Services made a set of announcements during the first day of its AWS re:Invent conference this week aimed at helping customers ease the deployment and management of container-based and serverless applications both on premises and in the AWS cloud, but stopped short of explicitly making it easier to run alongside rival clouds.

In this respect there were three major announcements from AWS CEO Andy Jassy’s virtual re:Invent keynote on Tuesday, December 1. The first two, Amazon EKS Anywhere and Amazon ECS Anywhere, are aimed at helping customers run containerized workloads seamlessly on premises and in the cloud.

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) is a managed Kubernetes service that uses the popular open source container orchestrator. Elastic Container Service (ECS) is a more proprietary, AWS-centric option for running containers.

Jassy acknowledged that customers often use different flavors of these managed container services for different workloads and in different teams depending on their skill sets and unique requirements.

With the Anywhere options, AWS is looking to make it easier to run EKS and ECS both on premises and in the cloud, while alleviating common management headaches by allowing developers to use the same APIs and cluster configurations for both types of workloads. The EKS Anywhere distribution is also being open sourced to align it with its Kubernetes underpinning.

The third announcement in this space was the public preview of AWS Proton, a new service that allows developer teams to manage AWS infrastructure provisioning and code deployments for both serverless and container-based applications using a set of templates.

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