How AI-powered video compression could make an honest man out of Elon Musk

“LIDAR is a fool’s errand. Anyone relying on LIDAR is doomed. Doomed! Expensive sensors that are unnecessary. It’s like having a whole bunch of expensive appendices. Like, one appendix is bad, well now you have a whole bunch of them, it’s ridiculous, you’ll see.” Elon Musk, April 2019.

Tesla’s approach to driverless vehicle technology has been controversial at best. A series of increasingly poor marketing and branding choices have made it difficult to ascertain exactly what the company’s actual benchmark for autonomous driving is.

On the one hand, it’s clear that Tesla has one of the world’s most advanced driver-assistance

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Oracle adds analytics to MySQL in the cloud

Oracle is combining OLTP (online transaction processing) and OLAP (online analytical processing) services in its open source MySQL database in the Oracle Cloud, via Oracle MySQL Database Service with the MySQL Analytics Engine.

With this Oracle Cloud service being introduced December 2, users gain the ability to run sophisticated analytics against their operational MySQL database. The MySQL Analytics Engine is an in-memory analytics accelerator that can scale to thousands of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) cores.

Positioned to compete with the Amazon Redshift cloud data warehouse, the Oracle MySQL Database Service with the MySQL Analytics Engine saves users from having to

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Why enterprises are turning from TensorFlow to PyTorch

A subcategory of machine learning, deep learning uses multi-layered neural networks to automate historically difficult machine tasks—such as image recognition, natural language processing (NLP), and machine translation—at scale.

TensorFlow, which emerged out of Google in 2015, has been the most popular open source deep learning framework for both research and business. But PyTorch, which emerged out of Facebook in 2016, has quickly caught up, thanks to community-driven improvements in ease of use and deployment for a widening range of use cases.

PyTorch is seeing particularly strong adoption in the automotive industry—where it can

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Cambridge Audio’s Melomania Touch earbuds promise 50 hours of battery life

We liked Cambridge Audio‘s Melomania 1 headphones when we gave them a go last year; we felt they offered standout sound quality and connectivity for their price. Now the venerable audio company is releasing its latest set of headphones, this time promising to both improve sound quality and battery life.

In fact, the company claims its new Melomania Touch true wireless headphones offer a whopping 50 hours of total battery life (9 hours per charge, plus an extra 41 in the case) when used in a special low power mode. Even in ‘High Performance Audio Mode,’ the headphones still offer

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AWS re:Invent: AWS gets more hybrid, but not multicloud

Amazon Web Services made a set of announcements during the first day of its AWS re:Invent conference this week aimed at helping customers ease the deployment and management of container-based and serverless applications both on premises and in the AWS cloud, but stopped short of explicitly making it easier to run alongside rival clouds.

In this respect there were three major announcements from AWS CEO Andy Jassy’s virtual re:Invent keynote on Tuesday, December 1. The first two, Amazon EKS Anywhere and Amazon ECS Anywhere, are aimed at helping customers run containerized workloads seamlessly on premises and in the cloud.


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How to create ggplot labels in R

Hi. I’m Sharon Machlis at IDG Communications, here with Episode 54 of Do More With R: Add text labels to your ggplot graphs.

Labeling all or some of your data with text can be helpful in telling a story – even when your graph is using other cues like color and size. ggplot has built-in ways of doing this. And, the ggrepel package adds some functionality to those. Let’s take a look at how those work.

For this demo, I’ll start with a scatter plot looking at known Covid-19 cases per capita in Massachusetts counties. Here I’m interested in whether

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