6 things I learned about the Meizu 17 Pro’s design after our steamy week together

I’ve been a fan of Meizu phones for the past few years. The devices manage to be reliable, well-built, and reasonably priced — a tough combination to go wrong with.

Anyway, the company recently released the Meizu 17 Pro. And I got my hands on one.

Now, rather than just doing a straightforward review, I thought I’d focus more on the design and user experience. Specifically, in a listicle format. You can’t stop me. HERE WE GO!

The ceramic sides of the Meizu 17 Pro are delicious

Not only do the ceramic sides of the Meizu 17 Pro look great, but I’m a sucker for how it feels while I’m using it. There’s just something extra premium about that design, the way it remains cool in your palm is reminiscent of a stone floor. God, I’m fancy.

Also, the ceramic sides and back should make the phone better at withstanding falls.

I’m dig the color scheme

Over the past few years I’ve grown bored with phone makers finding endless ways to describe “blue” (aqua seabreeze), “green” (emerald forestscape), and a myriad of other bog standard standard colors.

What I do like though is when phone makers put some nice colors together — especially when it’s the white and rose gold combination on the Meizu 17 Pro.

meizu 17 pro white and gold