3 cloud architecture secrets your cloud provider won’t tell you

Do you have an optimized architecture? This means that your solution maximizes efficiency and minimizes costs. You’ve selected the right cloud resources to configure the best storage systems, databases, and compute platforms—at least that’s what you think.

What I’m seeing out there, over and over again, is the selection of the wrong cloud resources for the wrong reasons. Cloud providers are pushing something that maximizes their revenue rather than being right for you. 

So, here are three cloud architecture secrets that you’ll never hear from your cloud provider:

Secret #1: Non-native resources are often better than native ones

You’ve probably heard that it’s better to go with a native database, cloudops system, or security system that’s part of a single public cloud offering. Now that we’ve moved to a mostly multicloud world, that’s just not the case.   

It’s much better to pick general-purpose and heterogeneous solutions that span public clouds instead of a native solution that’s only good on a single public cloud. You’ll never see this in the architecture guide offered by your cloud provider. Non-native resources should be considered each and every time.   

Secret #2: Keep data in the cloud

Cloud solutions that depend on a lot of data ingress and egress are almost never a good idea. No brainer, considering that you’ll see data leaving and entering a public cloud provider on your monthly cloud bill, and it is not cheap. However, this is often overlooked when considering a core architecture.   

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