Day: August 22, 2021

Synthetic neural networks modeled on actual brains can carry out cognitive duties

Credit score: CC0 Public Area

A brand new examine reveals that synthetic intelligence networks based mostly on human mind connectivity can carry out cognitive duties effectively.

By analyzing MRI information from a big Open Science repository, researchers reconstructed a mind connectivity sample, and utilized it to a synthetic neural community (ANN). An ANN is a computing system consisting of a number of enter and output items, very similar to the organic mind. A group of researchers from The Neuro (Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital) and the Quebec Synthetic Intelligence Institute skilled the ANN to carry out a cognitive reminiscence process and noticed

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Ignore what you’ve heard: techies make nice CEOs

Knowledge nerds, pc geeks, science morons, I’m chatting with you. It’s the ever-prevailing cliché: the delinquent introverts who spend their days hacking away at some nerdy venture that no one understands. The freaks that push the frontiers of tech each day however nonetheless can’t sustain with the Kardashians.

The cliché goes additional. If techies lack fundamental human abilities like speaking successfully or cracking a humorous joke, then they gained’t make good managers. And don’t even consider appointing such folks as a CEO.

After all, this can be a stereotype. Most techies I do know — together with myself — are

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