Day: June 13, 2021

Use the new R pipe built into R 4.1

The R language has a new, built-in pipe operator as of R version 4.1:  |> 

%>% is the pipe that most R users know. Originally from the magrittr package, it’s now used in many other packages as well. (If you’re wondering where the magrittr name came from, it’s a reference to Belgian artist Rene Magritte and one of his paintings, The Treachery of Images, that says in French: “This is not a pipe.”)

Here’s a somewhat trivial example using the %>% pipe with the mtcars data set and a couple of dplyr functions. This code filters the data for

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Self-driving startup Waabi just managed to net $83.5M — how?

It is not the best of times for self-driving car startups. The past year has seen large tech companies acquire startups that were running out of cash and ride-hailing companies shutter costly self-driving car projects with no prospect of becoming production-ready anytime soon.

Yet, in the midst of this downturn, Waabi, a Toronto-based self-driving car startup, has just come out of stealth with an insane amount of $83.5 million in a Series A funding round led by Khosla Ventures, with additional participation from Uber, 8VC, Radical Ventures, OMERS Ventures, BDC, and Aurora Innovation. The company’s financial backers also include Geoffrey

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