Day: June 11, 2021

The value of time series data and TSDBs

Time series data, also called time-stamped data, is data that is observed sequentially over time and that is indexed by time. Time series data is all around us. Because all events exist in time, we are in constant contact with an immense variety of time series data.

Time series data is used for tracking everything from weather, birth rates, disease rates, heart rates, and market indexes to server, application, and network performance. Analysis of time series data plays an important role in disciplines as varied as meteorology, geology, finance, social sciences, physical sciences, epidemiology, and manufacturing. Monitoring, forecasting, and anomaly

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Dear EV makers, the pope doesn’t need any more electric popemobiles

A few days ago, Nissan donated an all-electric LEAF sedan to the Vatican to help the small state in its environmental goal to gradually replace its service vehicles with an all-electric fleet.

It’s part of Pope Francis’ commitment to turn the Vatican carbon neutral by 2050, as he announced in December 2020. The Church also plans to increase the number of charging stations, especially around several of the major basilicas in Rome.

Pope Francis has supported environmental initiatives since the beginning of his service, and it comes as no surprise that the Nissan LEAF isn’t the first green vehicle gifted

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