Day: June 6, 2021

Mass scale manipulation of Twitter Trends discovered

Credit: CC0 Public Domain

New EPFL research has found that almost half of local Twitter trending topics in Turkey are fake, a scale of manipulation previously unheard of. It also proves for the first time that many trends are created solely by bots due to a vulnerability in Twitter’s Trends algorithm.

Social media has become ubiquitous in our modern, daily lives. It has changed the way that people interact, connecting us in previously unimaginable ways. Yet, where once our social media networks probably consisted of a small circle of friends most of us are now part of much larger communities

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Microsoft’s first GPT-3 product hints at the commercial future of OpenAI

One of the biggest highlights of Build, Microsoft’s annual software development conference, was the presentation of a tool that uses deep learning to generate source code for office applications. The tool uses GPT-3, a massive language model developed by OpenAI last year and made available to select developers, researchers, and startups in a paid application programming interface.

Many have touted GPT-3 as the next-generation artificial intelligence technology that will usher in a new breed of applications and startups. Since GPT-3’s release, many developers have found interesting and innovative uses for the language model. And several startups have declared that they

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