Month: January 2021

Supercomputer simulation re-enacts the birth of the Moon

The formation of the Moon billions of years ago is cloaked in mystery. Most astronomers believe the young Earth, still cooling off from its formation, was struck by a mars-sized body called Theia, roughly 4.5 billion years ago.

As the proto-Moon orbited Earth, it cooled, and gathered debris from the surrounding region of space. At the time, the Moon was much closer to Earth than it is today. Over billions of years, gravitational forces between the Earth and the Moon resulted in our planetary companion moving further away from our home world.

Researchers at

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Yes, ‘math anxiety’ is a thing — here are the symptoms, causes, and cures

Math anxiety is the feeling of tension and fear that many people experience when called on to work out a sum. For children, it can lead to behavioral problems in class, as well as physical symptoms such as butterflies in the stomach and a racing heart. Students with high math anxiety perform worse in standardised math tests and school exams. Anxious thoughts interfere with recalling math-related facts and procedures, and also with performing these procedures well. This is often described as the experience of having your mind go blank. Our new research shows that math anxiety does not only affect… … Read More

How a tiny mutant worm is helping find a cure for a rare form of cancer

Anil Mehta / University of Dundee

When the Williamson family from Dundee lost their mother Sue to a rare cancer named phaeochromocytoma in 2003, they didn’t realize that further devastation was to follow.

Of her four children, twins Jennie and James discovered that they also have the faulty gene that cut short their mother’s life. Both twins are affected with inoperable tumors wrapped around vital blood vessels and nerves in their necks. Father Jo decided to appear in a Cancer Research pledge video (below) in memory of his wife and to raise awareness of the important work that cancer

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