Day: January 25, 2021

We need a new way to think about open source

Open source is about community, so why can’t we get along? I’m referring to the recent fracas between Elastic and AWS, but we’ve dealt with similar issues for many years.

In this most recent episode of Open Source Wars, Elastic accused AWS of “behavior [that] is inconsistent with the norms and values that are especially important in the open source ecosystem.” AWS responded that, actually, it’s Elastic that is violating open source norms and values, leading AWS to fork Elasticsearch and Kibana to “foster healthy and sustainable open source practices—including implementing shared project governance with a community of contributors.”


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GameStop stocks hit record high — thanks to Redditors

In an unusual event, video gaming company GameStop’s shares touched a record-high price of $76.76 — thanks to a battle between Redditors and short sellers.

Just to give you an idea of this bizarre growth, GameStop’s shares were trading between $3-$4 this time last year.

All of this began when short selling company Citron was scheduled to explain its stance on Gamestop on a live stream last Thursday. However, the company said it had to cancel the event because of too many hacking attempts on its Twitter account

Meanwhile, members of r/WallStreetBets started to buy GameStop shares for cheap prices,

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