Day: January 23, 2021

Apple may bring MagSafe and SD card slots back to the MacBook

Apple engineers are apparently feeling bit of nostalgia up in Cupertino. After reports the company is apparently planning on killing the Touch Bar, a report from Bloomberg suggests the company is planning to bring back the MagSafe charger and SD card slots.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with MagSafe, it was the company’s way of preventing your laptop (or you) from shattering when you inevitably tripped over the charger. The company began to abandon MagSafe after introducing USB-C with the 2015 MacBook. As great as USB-C is, it doesn’t do much to prevent you from tripping.

An upcoming

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Top R tips and news from RStudio Global 2021

Here are some of the best tips, tricks, and takeaways for R users from this year’s rstudio::global(2021) virtual conference:

Speed up your R code

The new xrprof package builds on code profiling (performance measuring) offered by base R’s Rprof() with these added features:

  • It can run on a remote server, not just locally, allowing you to see what’s happening in your production environment;
  • It can see bottlenecks in C/C++ code, not just R code — especially useful for R package developers using C or C++.

And, it’s a drop-in replacement for the ecosystem of Rprof() add-on tools, said author Aaron

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