Day: January 14, 2021

Prepare for the work-from-anywhere revolution

Traditional in-person physical offices have been disappearing from our work lives for many years. With pandemic-wracked 2020 receding into history, many sectors of the global economy now have experienced the pleasures and frustrations of working from home.

Emergence of hybrid physical-virtual work environments

We’ve now seen practically every big technology company from Google to VMware give up trying to bring employees back to traditional offices for the indefinite future. According to a recent enterprise survey by 451 Research, the emerging technology research unit of S&P Global Market Intelligence, 80 percent of companies have implemented or expanded universal work-from-home policies,

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“I do not celebrate” Trump’s Twitter ban

Wikimedia Commons

Just a few days ago, Twitter banned outgoing President Donald Trump, taking away his favorite distraction. While many welcomed the move as a preventative step for future violence following the unprecedented attack on the US Capitol, others condemned it as an overreach.

Not all of the latter were necessarily Trump supporters either; German Chancellor Angela Merkel called the move “problematic,” a sentiment shared by some who worry about the power held by major social media companies. The fact that Facebook, Instagram,  YouTube, and Snapchat implemented restrictions of their own only added fuel to the fire.

Today Twitter

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