Day: January 4, 2021

11 reasons to hate the cloud

When the first price list arrived from the cloud companies, everyone reacted like a kid in a penny candy shop with a $100 bill. There’s no reason to devote hours to pondering the advantages and disadvantages when you can just grab a shovel and fill a big laundry bag. Many cloud prices are much less than a penny. How can you go wrong if the price rounds off to zero?

Those days are long gone. Many of us have already survived dozens of difficult meetings with the bean counters who received the monthly cloud invoice and hit the DEFCON alarm

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How AI weeds the spam out of our inboxes

Of more than 300 billion emails sent every day, at least half are spam. Email providers have the huge task of filtering out spam and making sure their users receive the messages that matter.

Spam detection is messy. The line between spam and non-spam messages is fuzzy, and the criteria change over time. From various efforts to automate spam detection, machine learning has so far proven to be the most effective and favored approach by email providers. Although we still see spammy emails, a quick look at the junk folder will show how much spam gets weeded out of our

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