Month: December 2020

The ‘Apple Car’ is still alive, and it may arrive in 2024

Remember when rumblings about an ‘Apple Car‘ were so common, it seemed all but certain a futuristic vehicle from Cupertino was imminent? Tim Cook went so far as to confirm the company was working on self-driving tech in 2017. But then reports mostly went silent, culminating with Apple laying off 190 employees working on the vehicle in 2019.

It now appears the vehicle, codenamed Project Titan, is back on.

According to a report by Reuters, Apple is aiming to begin producing its car in 2024. Key to the vehicle would be new tech that could make batteries “radically” cheaper and

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SolarWinds unleashes a cyber storm

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Welcome to the latest edition of Pardon The Intrusion, TNW’s bi-weekly newsletter in which we explore the wild world of security.

Earlier this week, several major US government agencies — including the Departments of Homeland Security, Commerce, Treasury, and State — discovered that their digital systems had been breached by hackers in what’s fast turning out to be a highly sophisticated supply chain attack.

Such attacks often work by first compromising a third-party vendor with a connection to the true target.

Infiltrating a third-party provider that has access to their customers’ networks also vastly

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Zoho Creator is how to create basic business apps even if you don’t know how to code

TLDR: With a one-year subscription to Zoho Creator, you can build dozens of business apps for improving your workflows, engaging with customers, and maximizing your time and efforts.

It’s a Catch 22 of modern business. You need to build your enterprise with a sharp eye on technology, streamlining operations, improving efficiency, and helping you and your operation become more responsive to customers, partners, and the rest of the world.

But the catch is…that requires someone tech savvy enough to create those workflows, then build the apps for optimizing a 21st century business. And most small operations can’t immediately afford to

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Sony AI launches its Gastronomy Flagship Project to make the world a bit tastier

Sony AI recently announced its Gastronomy Flagship Project, an AI-powered initiative built on “enhancing the creativity and techniques of chefs around the world.” This might sound like a small-potatoes problem compared to self-driving cars, virtual assistants, or other popular AI programs. But everybody eats.

The culinary arts have been around for as long as there’s been people with appetites. Sony AI would be hard-pressed to find a field with more ubiquitious coverage than gastronomy. Per the Sony AI website:

With the aim of enhancing the creativity and techniques of chefs around the world, the Gastronomy Flagship Project consists of the

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How to start playing tabletop RPGs like D&D and Cyberpunk2020

“Almost everybody plays games.” Jason Carl, Brand Marketing Manager for the World of Darkness.

Tabletop games are all the rage right now (some things never change) but gamers are so spoiled for choice that it can be daunting for newcomers to get started.

This guide’s meant to take you from zero knowledge (what is Dungeons and Dragons?) to ready to roll some dice without wasting any of your time or money.

Tabletop RPGs can be an expensive hobby. While you can usually find a free sample rulebook or an inexpensive new player’s guide, core rulebooks usually cost $15-50. Even most

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Easy error handling in R with purrr’s possibly

It’s frustrating to see your code choke part of the way through while trying to apply a function in R. You may know that something in one of those objects caused a problem, but how do you track down the offender?

The purrr package’s possibly() function is one easy way.

In this example, I’ll demo code that imports multiple CSV files. Most files’ value columns import as characters, but one of these comes in as numbers. Running a function that expects characters as input will cause an error.

For setup, the code below loads several libraries I need and then

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