Day: December 16, 2020

4 technical hurdles to quantum computing

If we had millions of qubits today, what could we do with quantum computing? The answer: nothing without the rest of the system. There’s a lot of great progress happening in quantum research across the industry. However, as an industry, we must overcome four key challenges to scaling up the quantum system before the finish line of this marathon will come into view.

The power of quantum

A simple way to understand the power of quantum computing is to think of a computer bit as a coin. It can be either heads or tails. It’s in either one state

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Among Us surprise-launches on Nintendo Switch today

Nintendo announced in today’s Indie World Showcase that sleeper hit multiplayer phenomenon Among Us is coming to the Switch… today.

Up to now, Among Us has been exclusive to PC and mobile, meaning this is the first time the game is available on console. It makes sense too: the game just looks right alongside Nintendo’s console staples. Since we’re getting the game today, it makes sense

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