Day: December 14, 2020

Google services, apps hit by global outage

A range of Google services, including Gmail and Google Docs, were unavailable to customers for more than a half hour Monday morning due to an outage. The services have now been largely restored and are available for most users, Google said.

Users across the world were unable to access the gamut of Google’s productivity and collaboration tools, which also include Google Calendar, Sheets, Meet and Chat. Customers in Europe appeared to be the hardest hit, according to the Down Detector website, with the outage occurring around lunchtime for those in the UK; users on the U.S. east coast also

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The multicloud challenge: Building the future everywhere

Fear of the cloud has evaporated. Instead, most companies now use at least several public clouds, from AWS to Azure to Salesforce to Slack. Hence the ascendance of the term “multicloud,” which now encompasses not just the management of IaaS and SaaS clouds, but also private clouds of virtualized on-prem resources.

The low barrier to entry of the cloud has been both a blessing and a curse. The ability to simply open a cloud account and start using an application or building one has delivered unprecedented agility. But it also makes it easy for stakeholders to go off

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Are you ready for multicloud? A checklist

Perhaps you deployed your first cloud-native Node.js application to Amazon Web Services and then received a new assignment to port over several legacy .NET applications to a public cloud. Should you try Amazon Lightsail as a first step, or should you review Microsoft Azure’s options for .NET developers?

Or maybe your team has applications running on Azure that need to securely connect to machine learning models deployed by the data science team on Google Cloud Platform. It’s easy to conceive scenarios where development and data science teams end up exploring, prototyping, and deploying applications, databases, microservices, and machine

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Solve complex business problems with this $46 Agile and Scrum training bundle

TLDR: The Project Management and Scrum Certification Preparation Exams Bundle features nine courses for mastering Agile and Scrum project management approaches.

Being the right person to see a project through from ideation to successful completion isn’t about being a world-class leader. And it doesn’t require dark arts, strange alchemy or any amount of persuasion, mysticism or hardball military or political tactics to make it happen.

Project management in 2020 isn’t about feel or flying by the seat of your pants. It’s about knowing and understanding your game plan before you hit the field, then executing on that plan. The Project

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