Day: December 5, 2020

Who’s responsible if a self-driving car has an accident?

With self-driving cars gaining traction in today’s automobile landscape, the issue of legal liability in the case of an accident has become more relevant.

Research in human-vehicle interaction has shown time and again that even systems designed to automate driving — like adaptive cruise control, which maintains the vehicle at a certain speed and distance from the car ahead — are far from being error-proof.

Recent evidence points to drivers’ limited understanding of what these systems can and cannot do (also known as mental models) as a contributing factor to system misuse.

In the video above, a webinar on the
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There may be an ultra matte black iPhone or MacBook in your future

According to a patent filed by Apple, the company may be working on a new super-matte black finish for its lineup of gadgets.

The patent, spotted by Patently Apple and titled “Anodized Part Having a Matte Black Appearance,” suggests the colorway would not just be your typical matte black finish. These can still show smudges and scratches; these are really more of a dark grey. The patent instead seems to point to a finish a bit closer to an ultra-black material like Vantablack, able to absorb “generally all visible light.”

If you’re not familiar with Vantablack and other ultra-dark materials,

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