Day: December 3, 2020

Reconciling political views with profession ambitions

As we speak’s political surroundings is more and more hostile to knowledge administration as a career. In case you’ve made your profession in machine studying, knowledge mining, predictive modeling, or associated fields, these controversies might have you ever second-guessing your determination to pursue this line of labor. The principal flashpoints middle on points of knowledge privateness, algorithmic bias, and AI weaponization.

Prioritizing privateness over data-driven advertising

Information administration professionals face rising scrutiny over privateness violations, surveillance, and different intrusive impacts of the purposes they’re answerable for constructing and managing.

One of the crucial disturbing new themes is the ideological framing

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Solving query optimization in Presto

“SQL on everything” is the tagline associated with Presto, the query engine that was initially developed by Facebook to rapidly analyze massive amounts of data — particularly data that lay scattered across multiple formats and sources. Since its release as an open source project in 2013, Presto has been adopted broadly across hundreds of enterprises. Today, a strong worldwide community contributes to its ongoing development.

A decade or so previously, the traditional approach for a company to handle its data processing needs was to set up a data center, stock it with CPUs and hard drives, and acquire all

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How AI-powered video compression could make an honest man out of Elon Musk

“LIDAR is a fool’s errand. Anyone relying on LIDAR is doomed. Doomed! Expensive sensors that are unnecessary. It’s like having a whole bunch of expensive appendices. Like, one appendix is bad, well now you have a whole bunch of them, it’s ridiculous, you’ll see.” Elon Musk, April 2019.

Tesla’s approach to driverless vehicle technology has been controversial at best. A series of increasingly poor marketing and branding choices have made it difficult to ascertain exactly what the company’s actual benchmark for autonomous driving is.

On the one hand, it’s clear that Tesla has one of the world’s most advanced driver-assistance

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Oracle adds analytics to MySQL in the cloud

Oracle is combining OLTP (online transaction processing) and OLAP (online analytical processing) services in its open source MySQL database in the Oracle Cloud, via Oracle MySQL Database Service with the MySQL Analytics Engine.

With this Oracle Cloud service being introduced December 2, users gain the ability to run sophisticated analytics against their operational MySQL database. The MySQL Analytics Engine is an in-memory analytics accelerator that can scale to thousands of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) cores.

Positioned to compete with the Amazon Redshift cloud data warehouse, the Oracle MySQL Database Service with the MySQL Analytics Engine saves users from having to

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