Day: November 17, 2020

The ‘intelligent edge’ isn’t always the smartest choice

The notion of the intelligent edge has been around for a few years. It refers to placing processing out on edge devices to avoid sending data all the way back to the centralized server, typically existing on public clouds.

While not always needed, the intelligent edge is able to leverage machine learning technology at the edge, moving knowledge building away from centralized processing and storage. Applications vary, from factory robotics to automobiles to on-premises edge systems residing in traditional data centers. It’s good in any situation where it makes sense to do the processing as close to the data source

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What is a Private Cloud?

Running a business in the digital era like today, of course, must always strive to be able to run with digitalization because if not, it will certainly be left behind from other competitors. In this era of digitalization, data plays a very important role. For that, data storage must be a top priority in running a business. The method of storing data before and now is of course much different. What’s more since the introduction of the cloud system.

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Harley-Davidson’s first ebikes change gears automatically and cost a ton

It was just a few weeks ago that Harley-Davidson revealed its new e-bike subbrand, Serial 1 Cycle Company, but the company has been talking about its entry into the market for years. Today we finally got an in-depth look at the bikes it intends to release in 2021.

Serial 1 is launching with four models aimed at different types of riders:

  • Mosh/Cty ($3,399)
  • Rush/Cty ($4,399)
  • Rush/Cty Step-Thru ($4,499)
  • Rush/Cty Speed ($4,999)

Credit: Serial 1

As you might expect given the company’s reputation, these are all premium bikes, and the “/Cty” suffix implies they are all meant for urban environments. It

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