Day: November 16, 2020

Figuring out programming for the cloud

In the last dozen years or so, we’ve witnessed a dramatic shift from general purpose databases (Oracle, SQL Server, etc.) to purpose-built databases (360 of them and counting). Now programming languages seem to be heading in the same direction. 

As developers move to API-driven, highly elastic infrastructure (where resources may live for days instead of years), they’re building infrastructure as code (IaC). But how to build IaC remains an open question. For a variety of reasons, the obvious place to start was with imperative languages like C or JavaScript, telling a program how to achieve a desired end state.

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Why AWS leads in the cloud

The rumors of Amazon Web Services’ fall from the pinnacle were premature. In the push to democratize cloud computing services, AWS had the jump on everyone from the beginning, ever since it was spun out of the mega retailer Amazon in 2002 and launched the flagship S3 storage and EC2 compute products in 2006. It still does. 

AWS quickly grew into a company that fundamentally transformed the IT industry and carved out a market-leading position, and has maintained that lead — most recently pegged by Synergy Research at almost double the market share of its nearest rival Microsoft Azure,

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How ‘charging as a service’ can make powering EVs simpler

For e-mobility to work it needs a network of charging infrastructure that’s convenient for customers and profitable for operators. Martin Klässner, CEO of has·to·be gmbh, explains how his company are supporting the growth of the industry by providing smart solutions for charge point operators (CPOs) and creating innovations that make life simpler for business and for end-users.

Smart software solutions for charging infrastructure

When Tesla launched the Roadster in 2008 it put e-mobility under the spotlight. At the time I was working in the tech industry and charge stations were an aspect of my business. While many players rushed to

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