Day: November 13, 2020

The ‘distributed cloud’ isn’t emerging — it’s already here

According to Gartner, “Distributed cloud is the distribution of public cloud services to different physical locations, while the operation, governance and evolution of the services remain the responsibility of the public cloud provider.” Analysts go on to explain that the distributed cloud provides a flexible agile environment for applications and data that require low-latency, data cost reduction, and data residency.

This idea is not new; I’ve used it to remove latency and/or comply with data sovereignty laws from time to time. At its essence, the advantage is for end-users to have cloud computing resources closer to the physical location

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Messenger’s new ‘Vanish Mode’ makes chats self-destruct with a swipe

It was just last week that Facebook introduced ephemeral messages in WhatsApp that disappear in seven days. Now the company is going a step further by introducing “Vanish Mode” for Messenger and Instagram, which will automatically delete text messages and media as soon as they are viewed and you leave the chat.

If that sounds familiar, it’s probably because it’s yet another feature Facebook is borrowing from Snapchat, which has offered similar functionality for years.

To activate the feature, you need only swipe up within a chat thread. You’ll then see a little loading circle and your interface will turn

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