Day: November 4, 2020

IBM adds code risk analyzer to cloud-based CI/CD

Looking to bring security and compliance analytics to devops, IBM has added its Code Risk Analyzer capability to its IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery service.

Code Risk Analyzer is described by IBM as a security measure that can be configured to run at the start of a developer’s code pipeline, analyzing and reviewing Git repositories to discover issues with open source code. The goal is to help application teams recognize cybersecurity threats, prioritize application security problems, and resolve security issues. IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery helps provision toolchains, automate tests and builds, and control software quality with analytics.

IBM said that

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Black Friday retailers must be effective, ready, and resilient

An unprecedented Black Friday is coming. Will consumers run masklessly back into stores and clean out the shelves? Only if you have a sale on Clorox toilet wand refills. Will they swarm your app or website? Maybe. 

As one data scientist put it, “All predictions are wrong. Some are lucky.”

Some retailers will likely continue to see diminished demand even on Black Friday—such as those specializing in men’s slacks. Most retailers have already seen their traffic move online. For this Black Friday, they need to be effective, ready, resilient, and cost-effective.

Effectiveness is the conversion rate of

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Using OPA for cloud-native app authorization

In the cloud-native space, microservice architectures and containers are reshaping the way that enterprises build and deploy applications. They function, in a word, differently than traditional monolithic applications.

Microservices are far more distributed and dynamic than their traditional counterparts. A single application might have tens or hundreds of microservices, leading potentially to thousands of separate OS-level processes, each with its own API, deployed across multiple data centers all over the world, and spun up and down dynamically. These architectural differences from monolithic applications cause challenges for developers, operations, and security alike.

Among the biggest security challenges is authorization: controlling what

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WhatsApp just made it easier to clear up space on your phone

If you spend a lot of time chatting on your phone, chances are that a good chunk of its storage is taken up by images and videos sent by friends and family over the years. Now WhatsApp is making it easier to clear up storage right from the app.

WhatsApp already had basic functionality for clearing stored media, but now you get full-fledged data management. If you head to WhatsApp > Settings > Storage and Data > Manage Storage, you’ll be greeted with a new interface that categorizes items by size, and allows you to preview files before deleting them.

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