Day: October 27, 2020

Why you’re doing cloudops wrong

Cloud operations, aka cloudops, is the long tail in the cloud computing migration and development story. It takes place after you deploy cloud-based solutions and then operate them over a long period of time. Cloudops determines the success of a migration or development effort and the success of user and customer experiences.

Some things going wrong in cloudops right now need some attention. First is too many types of operational tools, such as management and monitoring. These tools drive more operational complexity, which can result in human errors that, in turn, cause operational issues. Another problem is enterprises that underestimate

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Destruction AllStars goes from PS5 launch title to free PS Plus game

Sony today announced that Destruction AllStars, originally intended to be a PlayStation 5 launch title, has instead been delayed. It’ll be released next February, where it’ll be free to PlayStation Plus subscribers for two months. Considering it’s news of yet another game delay, it’s a lot more positive than it sounds.

Destruction AllStars, in case you weren’t aware, is a sort of G-rated Twisted Metal, in that involves driving a bunch of cars around an arena and smashing them into each other. The company revealed in a blog post just that it’d delayed the game. It didn’t

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