Day: October 21, 2020

Understanding GraphQL engine implementations | InfoWorld

When we talk about advantages of GraphQL we often hear one-liners such as “only fetch what you need,” “only requires one generic endpoint,” “data source agnostic,” or “more flexibility for developers.” But as always things are more subtle than a one-liner could ever describe.

Generic and flexible are the key words here and it’s important to realize that it’s hard to keep generic APIs performant. Performance is the number one reason that someone would write a highly customized endpoint in REST (e.g. to join specific data together) and that is exactly what GraphQL tries to eliminate. In other words, it’s

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What you need to know

The US Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against Google today, claiming the company has an illegal monopoly of search traffic. It’s a major challenge to the dominance of the Big Tech companies — the first from the DOJ. But it’s been coming on for a long time.

The DOJ’s complaint is 57 pages long, but to sum it up, it contends that Google uses a series of business deals and shady practices to kneecap any potential competition, calling it “a monopoly gatekeeper for the internet.” The deals it’s made with Apple and other hardware manufacturers to make its

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