Day: October 16, 2020

3 unexpected predictions for cloud computing next year

It’s that time of the year when PR folk promote their clients as somebody who can make predictions for 2021 that all should regard. I’m often taken back by the obvious nature of the assertions, such as “cloud computing will continue to grow” or “there will be an expanded need for cloud security.” 

Okay, that’s not at all helpful.

The reality is that although we can see much of the future based on obvious past and current patterns, other portions of the cloud computing market are much tougher to forecast. Enterprises won’t see some trends until it’s too late. Here

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The PlayStation 5’s UI looks cooler than the PS4’s, but it’s cluttered

After so many months of delay, Sony is releasing a lot of new info on the PlayStation 5 in short order. Today, we got a look at what the new user interface looks like — and if you wanted more stuff in your console menu, then you certainly got that.

The Home Screen looks similar to the PS4’s, in that it’ll show you a list of your games and media apps in a bar at the top of your screen — thankfully they have their own separate tabs. The new UI looks a bit better than the PS4’s, especially because

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