Day: October 14, 2020

Getting started with Azure SQL Edge

The cloud is becoming increasingly distributed, with container technologies allowing easy deployment of what had been cloud functionality to devices at the edge of the network. What began with function-as-a-service runtimes has now graduated to supporting PaaS tools and technologies, stretching the cloud platform from public hyperscale data centers down to low-cost devices running on your network.

Microsoft has been talking about “the intelligent cloud and the intelligent edge” for a long time now, with a focus on finding ways around the bandwidth crunch between data sources and data processing in cloud architectures. There’s a certain level of self-interest in

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A foolproof way to understand cloud optimization

We’ve discussed the notion of cloud architecture optimization here in the past. Now it’s time to understand how it’s measured. You really have no way to prove your architecture isn’t optimized unless you do an audit, which includes a review of the solution’s approach and any attached costs.

In the past, the people who built and deployed cloud solutions were reluctant to have their choices questioned. These days, because we want the most value from the cloud solutions, many have changed their minds about questions and oversight—or more often, company leadership changed their minds for them. Many of the projects

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IBM announces Call for Code 2020 grand prize winner

IBM today awarded the 2020 Call for Code grand prize to the creators of Agrolly, an app that helps small farmers threatened by climate change decide what to plant and when.

The distributed team of developers from Brazil, India, Mongolia, and Taiwan, who met at Pace University, will receive $200,000 and support from IBM experts and partners to incubate, test, and deploy their solution. They will also get help from The Linux Foundation to open-source their app so developers across the world can improve and scale the tech.

Agrolly was created to mitigate the damage done to farmers

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