Day: October 12, 2020

No, you don’t have to run like Google

Years ago, Google struggled with how to pitch its cloud offerings. Back in 2017 I suggested that the company should help mainstream enterprises to “run like Google,” but in a conversation with a senior Google Cloud product executive, he suggested that the company shied away from this approach. The concern? That maybe mainstream enterprises didn’t share Google’s needs, or maybe Google would simply intimidate them.

For the mere mortals that run IT within such mainstream enterprises (read: almost everyone), fear not. It turns out there are many things that Google might do that make no sense for your own IT

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How brain-like circuits could push computing power to the next level

For the first time, my colleagues and I have built a single electronic device that is capable of copying the functions of neuron cells in a brain. We then connected 20 of them together to perform a complicated calculation. This work shows that it is scientifically possible to make an advanced computer that does not rely on transistors to calculate and that uses much less electrical power than today’s data centers.

Our research, which I began in 2004, was motivated by two questions. Can we build a single electronic element – the equivalent of a transistor or switch – that

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