Day: October 9, 2020

Static versus dynamic cloud migration

It’s 9:00 AM on a Wednesday. You’re in the boardroom giving a status update on the latest migration project that will remove most of the vulnerabilities found during the recent pandemic. This is the third migration project, all less than 100 workloads and 10 data sets. All have taken place in parallel, and all leverage different cloud migration teams.

Company leadership notes that the metrics were very different between the projects. Project One shows nearly 80 percent efficiency in terms of code refactoring, testing, deployment, security implementation, etc. The others were closer to 30 and 40 percent. Why the differences? 

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Pixar’s ‘Soul’ will land on Disney+ Christmas day, no $30 fee required

Pixar’s newest animated film, Soul, will be the third movie to premiere on Disney+, following Artemis Fowl and Mulan.  It’s set to land on December 25, but unlike Mulan, Disney won’t be charging you a $30 fee so you can watch it from the comfort of your own couch/bedroom/bathtub/whathaveyou.

COVID-19 has obviously completely changed the cinema landscape. Many had assumed the film might be delayed to 2021 — its original release date was supposed to be June 19, before being pushed back to November 20 due to the pandemic — so the announcement comes as a bit of a

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IBM set to spin-off managed service business to focus on hybrid cloud

IBM doesn’t want any distractions on the road to becoming a prodigious hybrid-cloud player, and today it eliminated one of those diversions by spinning off the $19 billion Managed Infrastructure Services unit of its Global Technology Services division.

The move creates an as-yet-unnamed firm, tentatively dubbed “NewCo,” which won’t actually be created until 2021 but will quickly be a big provider of managed infrastructure services. It will employ about 90,000 staffers, have more than 4,600 clients in 115 countries—including more than 75% of the Fortune 100—have a backlog of $60 billion in orders, and more than twice the scale of

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