Day: September 30, 2020

Where to find free and open data sets on the web

Bosses love to hear the word “free.” Everyone wants to get something for nothing. The good news is that there’s a burgeoning collection of free data available for the taking. Some of it might even be useful for your project or your career.

What’s the catch? Sometimes there’s no catch at all. Many of the sources below come from government agencies. Once they’re done collecting the information, it often costs them very little to share it openly with everyone. Technically it’s not free because you’re paying for it on April 15th. But the good news is that your project budget

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Who thought political ads featuring Deepfake Putin and Kim trashing the US was a good idea?

A not-for-profit called RepresentUS, working with creative media agency Mischief @ No Fixed Address, recently used the popular Deepfake AI system to create a pair of political ads featuring actors digitally manipulated to look like Vladmir Putin and Kim Jong Un mocking the current state of US politics.

The ads were reportedly slated to air on Fox, CNN, and MSNBC in their DC markets but were “pulled at the last minute” for reasons unknown.

Allow me to clear the mystery: they were probably pulled because this is a bad idea. But before we get into that, let’s take a moment

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