Day: September 23, 2020

Does Snowflake mean the end of open source?

The Snowflake IPO was a big deal, and not merely because of the company’s enormous valuation.

In 2013 Cloudera co-founder Mike Olson confidently (and accurately) declared “a stunning and irreversible trend in enterprise infrastructure.” That trend? “No dominant platform-level software infrastructure has emerged in the last 10 years in closed-source, proprietary form.” Snowflake, a cloud-based enterprise data platform, may spell the end of that run. 

Sure, we had Splunk, but Spunk squeaked through the hypothesis police before open source had found its feet, as Lightspeed partner Gaurav Gupta told me. MySQL, Apache Hadoop, MongoDB, Apache Spark… all of

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How MariaDB achieves global scale with Xpand

As information and processing needs have grown, pain points such as performance and resiliency have necessitated new solutions. Databases need to maintain ACID compliance and consistency, provide high availability and high performance, and handle massive workloads without becoming a drain on resources. Sharding has offered a solution, but for many companies sharding has reached its limits, due to its complexity and resource requirements. A better solution is distributed SQL.

In a distributed SQL implementation, the database is distributed across multiple physical systems, delivering transactions at a globally scalable level. MariaDB Platform X5, a major release that includes upgrades to

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Microsoft Edge comes to Linux next month

Microsoft has increasingly embraced of Linux over the past few years, going so far as to make it easy to run a proper Linux terminal and applications in Windows 10. Now Microsoft is extending another olive branch to Linux by offering its new Chromium-powered version of Edge on the OS.

Starting next month, Microsoft will make Edge available on Linux as a developer preview build. Users will be able to download it right from the Edge Insider’s site or pick it up from Linux‘s package manager.

Given Chromium’s existing popularity, Edge should, for the most part, work just the same

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