Day: September 12, 2020

Apple will allow xCloud and Stadia on the App Store, with big restrictions

Apple today revealed that, after stubbornly refusing to allow cloud gaming apps like Google Stadia and Microsoft’s xCloud onto the App Store, it’s now revising those policies to allow them entry — though the policies are still very restrictive.

The new rules have a whole section devoted to streaming games and how they’ll fit into the App Store ecosystem. They permit services to have App Store catalog apps, and access to Apple’s payment apparatus, but every game has to pass an individual review process. Here are the new sections in full:

Streaming games are permitted so long as they adhere

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Visual Studio Codespaces is moving to GitHub

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Codespaces, which provide cloud-hosted development environments on Microsoft Azure, will be incorporated into GitHub Codespaces, which provide hosted Visual Studio Code environments on GitHub. The current Azure-based offering will be retired in February 2021.

Microsoft said the service is moving because, during a preview stage, the company found that transitioning from a repository to a codespace was the most-criticized part of the workflow. The vast majority of users preferred an integrated, native, one-click experience. GitHub being the home of 50 million developers, Microsoft decided it made sense to partner with GitHub to address the

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What TikTok teaches enterprises about tech entanglement

The flurry of interest in acquiring TikTok shows the value of a popular social network with vast troves of consumer data. The deal also holds an important lesson about technology use that other businesses can learn from: the need to design applications in a flexible, portable way. 

One challenge for any company that buys TikTok will be how to carve up its technical infrastructure outside of China without destroying its value in the process. The impetus for the deal is that the US doesn’t want China “spying” on its citizens through the app. That will require untangling the data and

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