Day: September 1, 2020

Dealing with sovereign data in the cloud

It’s Friday, and you’re about to close your laptop and go to happy hour, when you get an urgent e-mail stating that due to data being illegally transported out of the country, the company has been fined $250,000.  

What happened?

As bad luck would have it, your cloud provider backs up the database containing sovereign data to a storage system outside of the country. This is done for a good reason: Relocating data for business continuity and disaster recovery purposes to another region reduces the risk of data loss if the primary region is down. 

Of course, this is not

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Finally! Logitech G made some bright, colorful gaming accessories

Logitech G recently launched its Color Collection of gaming and computer accessories and all I can say is: Hallelujah, hallelujah my prayers have been answered.

I’m sick of black and gray tech. I have a sneaking suspicion the sea of dim, dark devices in my home is having a negative impact on my mental health – especially since the quarantine began. All I see when I look around is darkness punctuated by flashing lights. It’s like my home is the most boring space ship ever made. Darth Vader would love it here.

Well, he would have. These days I’m sporting

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